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Some of the top reasons our clients choose alpi sea to get their concrete in shape based on high quality and timely deliveries are:

• We have the best, most cost effective solutions, designs and also calculate the most efficient and the safest performance parameters of each of our Formwork & Falsework Systems to meet their requirements.

• We visualize future projects in combination with our network of structural designers, architects, & consultants etc.

• We provide top class precision work in our fabrication with an accuracy and tolerance of between +/-3 to 5mm. The big advantages of using our Formwork Systems are an extremely smooth finish on the surfaces; virtually no remedial work necessary; erection and dismantling time is greatly reduced and with a much smaller labor crews than necessary when erecting other traditional Formwork Systems such as when made of wood etc.

• We optimize our design(s) to allow the Formwork Systems to be easily transportation by always providing a system which can be transported into normal size container (20'& 40') and be easy to manipulated, and which do not contain elements that due to their size or weight, cause problems with our client job-site and work force during commissioning and  operation.

• Lifetime of the entire Formwork Systems.

• Our after sales, services & support have been in continuous operation for more than Two (2) decades. This provides our clients with professional peace of mind along with the flexibility of re-using their Formwork Systems on any future projects.

• We have commercial/marketing people worldwide with connections to a vast number of new construction projects in which we can advise and guide our client in the resale of their Formwork Systems once they have completed their project.

• Because our Formwork Systems are normally made of STEEL, if for any reason the Formwork Systems are only to be scrapped, the residual value return is commonly between 8 to 12 % of its purchase price depending of the age and actual condition of the raw materials.

• It is important to note; that traditional Formwork Systems made of wood (wooden beams, timber, or plywood etc.) are becoming less and less popular today because of their very low capacity for reuse of these old systems (with capabilities often only between 3 to 15 castings).  Just as significant are the vital environmental protection issues that surround the destruction our life-giving forests, that both people and government are demanding protection of throughout our South East Asia region, and thus the ensuing heavy taxes on the burning of wooden items once scraped (Singapore, Japan, Malaysia etc.).

• By entrusting your project to alpi sea, you NOT ONLY get a supplier of Formwork & Falsework Systems products and services, you get an entire partnership, supported to the full duration of and to the completion of your project.