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tunnels & culverts
tunnels and culverts
alpi sea's Tunnel form is a formwork system which allows you to cast cellular walls and slabs in one operation on a daily cycle. The system creates an efficient load-bearing structure for use in a wide variety of applications. It combines the speed, quality and accuracy of onsite production with the flexibility and economy of in-situ construction and itís recognised as a modern method of construction. The result is a cellular reinforced concrete structure, the surfaces of which, are of sufficiently high quality to require only minimal finishing for direct decoration.

Tunnel form is a fast-track method of construction that is well suited to repetitive cellular projects such as hotels, social housing, residential blocks, student accommodation, barracks and prisons.

Using tunnel form is recognized as a modern method of construction, tunnel form simplifies the whole construction process by enabling a smooth and fast operation that can result in frame costs being reduced by up to 20 percent and provide frame program time savings of up to 25 percent.

During the tunnel form construction process, a structural tunnel is created by pouring concrete into steel formwork to make the floors and walls in one massive process. Every 24 hours, the formwork is moved so that another tunnel can be formed. When a storey has been completed, the process is repeated on the next floor. A strong, monolithic structure is thus constructed that can reach 40 or more stories in height.
Box Culvert
Self propelled Tunnel Formwork