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5. Contract follow up:

5.1 Simple Purchase Order:

A simple purchase order is followed up by the administrative officer. List of purchase orders with due dates is up dated regularly. A couple of days before the delivery date the supplier is required by fax to reconfirm the delivery. After confirmation:

Once the delivery note has been approved and signed the supplier can submit his invoice for payment.

5.2 Contracts for fabrication:

5.2.1 When the contract has been awarded the supplier is required to give us the following information:

5.2.2 Weekly work in progress meetings are held at the factory between the factory manager and his QC inspectors and alpi sea management and QC supervisors. During these meetings work in progress reports and problem related to Quality and delay in fabrication are studied.

5.2.3 alpi sea QC supervisors are following up the work on a daily basis. Their duty is two fold :
  1. Help the supplier by explaining the product and discussing the best fabrication process with the factory manager.
  2. Check the quality: dimensions, quality of the welding,…at every steps of the fabrication The various steps of fabrication are:
    • Cutting of the raw material,
    • Pre-assembly (spot welding),
    • Full welding,
    • Final inspection,
    • Painting,
    • Final assembly for approval,
    • Approval, (by alpi sea and sometimes its client),
    • Delivery.

This procedure prevents major repairs to be made at the end of the fabrication process.

5.2.4 For product designed to carry heavy load such as lattice girders, beams, supporting platforms, towers, Non Destructive Test (NDT) of the welding seams is carried out either by an independent checker or by the factory itself. When a defect has been detected the faulty welding seam is repaired then re-tested. This is made under alpi sea supervision.

5.2.5 After each delivery the supplier can issue his invoice which will be processed by the alpi sea administrative team (Account payables list). We consider as essential that our suppliers be paid on time.

5.2.6 alpi sea issues its invoices for each delivery with the delivery notes duly signed by the customer's supervisor on the job site. The administrative officer makes sure that the payment of the customers invoices are made on time (Account receivables list).

6. Erection:

alpi sea engineers come to the job site with the 1st equipment to assist the client's work force on the site. They have followed the fabrication, made the pre-assembly tests in the factory. Their duty is not to install the equipment but to train the workers how to assemble the equipment in a safe and effective way. They stay with the customer for the 1st erection and striking of the system Formwork/Falsework.

7. After sales service:

Even when the alpi sea contract has been fulfilled our engineers come from time to time to the site for a non contractual inspection visit. This allows us to see how the equipment is aging and also to correct some mistakes made by the workers.

8. alpi sea people:

9. Conclusion:

With this philosophy and procedure the European level of Quality can be achieved.
Thanks also to the good collaboration between our clients, the alpi sea team and our suppliers.

Mr. Frank Michas (Chairman & CEO)
alpi south east asia co.,ltd THAILAND (headquarters)