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1. Introduction:

2. Project development sequence:

2.1 Tendering :

Preliminary drawings are attached to the quotation submitted to the client. Their purpose is to illustrate the system offered in the quotation.

2.2 Design :

Once the contract has been awarded alpi sea starts collecting the detailed requirements of the client to give the right input to the alpi sea design Engineers. Minutes of meetings and preliminary drawings are sent via Internet to Europe.
Then General Design Drawings with Calculation Notes (when necessary) are sent back from Europe to Bangkok via Internet for submission for approval from the client.

2.3 Detailing :

- Once the general design drawings have been approved by alpi sea make the detailed fabrication drawings (shop drawings).
- These drawings are exchanged via internet between both companies.
- They are not given to the client to prevent any future "replica".
- They are made for the local fabricators.

2.4 Fabrication :

The aim is to manufacture 100% of the project locally.

2.5 Erection :

- The last type of drawings is the erection drawings/method statement for assembly on site.
- These drawings are given to the client prior to the delivery of the equipment to the job site.
- The alpi sea engineers who supervised the fabrication come to check the erection of the equipment made by the client.
- They stay with the client for a full sequence: assembly, disassembly of the equipment or more if some adjustments due to alpi sea design or fabrication are necessary.

3. Suppliers selection:

3.1 alpi sea has been in operation since May 1992 in Thailand. We have then developed a network of suppliers in the Bangkok area for:

3.2 We have had good experience with some of them and misfortune with others. So we keep track of the following information about each of them:

So, when we have a new project we can choose the supplier according to its:

4. Order processing:

When a supplier has been selected a purchase order is issued to formalize the agreement. It can be a single page purchase order for standard commercial products (bolts,…) or a detailed contract including the commercial, technical clauses, the contractual fabrication drawings and delivery schedule.