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(Side and/or Central Barrier) Formwork System
This machine is designed to cast in situ the concrete parapet of any Bridge, Access Road, Expressways, etc…
It is a simple machine manually operated which will be towed by a truck, pick-up or by mean of tire forts.
The major design criteria are :
parapet traveller
1. The attached drawing No. BB-ER5-01 is a cross section of the 4 meter section Parapet Traveler. Its cinematic reminds a
0 sliding caliper gauge. It is made of:

Two sections, as show on the drawing No. BB-ER5-01, make a full 4 meter Parapet Traveler.
The 2 upper and lower frames a and b are the strong backs of the formwork panels.
The 2 frames are interconnected by mean of 2 sets of bracing.
One set of 8 meter can be equipped with 2 stop end panels and one set with overlapping panels.

2. Two 4 meter Parapet Travelers can be connected together to make an 8 meter machine (as shown on the drawing No.

3. Two sets of ratchet pinions / pinion racks are used on the upper and lower frames to move the panels from the Casting
0 to the Striking positions.

4. The vertical legs of the upper frame supports a set of external and internal walkways with an access ladder.

5. The horizontal and vertical beams are connected together by mean of a rigid connection, this connection is provided to
0 facilitate the transportation of the machine by truck.

6. The lower frame has an adjustable vertical prop which serves two purposes:

7. The traveling cart has height adjustment to level the whole machine, the adjustment allows a plus or minus of 10% slope0 variation.

8. The traveling cart carries a 3 Tons counterweight (proposed as a set of concrete plates)

9. The overall dimension of the machine is 4 meter long, 3.57 meter of depth in Casting position + 50 cm in Striking
0position, 3.5 meter total height (or 1.3 meter from the slab)

parapet traveler

The number of adjustment operation has been reduced to the minimum necessary to avoid the risk of errors by the operator on site. For instance, the geometry of the parapet is given basically by the geometry of the upper frame of the machine. Introduction an adjustment at the connection of the horizontal and vertical beams of the upper frame would introduce a risk of error.

1st Adjustment : required is to set horizontally the horizontal beam of the upper frame at the right height. This done by adjusting the height of the wheels of the cart.

2nd Adjustment : Bring the adjustable section of the internal panel in contact with the ground to prevent excessive leakages when pouring the concrete.

3rd Adjustment : Blocking of the lower frame by mean of the vertical adjustable props, and installation of the Dywidag tie rod between the upper and lower frames,

4th Adjustment : Closing of the bottom formwork panel.

They are described on the Drawing No. BB-ER5-00

ADVANTAGE of the alpi sea's Parapet Traveler. System :
- It is a very low cost and robust machine,
- The machine is very compact, a truck mixer can pour the concrete directly in place,
- The machine is clean without many props and accessories hanging around, Its operation is simple,
- There are few adjustments to be made,
- It is fast for casting and striking operation,
- Maintenance of the machine is easy,
- Cleaning of the formwork is easy from the top of the slab or from the walkways for the bottom panel,
- The adjustable internal side panel prevent excess of leakage,
- For the transportation by truck, the machine can disassembled in 3 basic blocks,
- Last but not the least the alpi sea's experience and Technical support should help you feel comfortable
with our system.