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alpi sea designs and supplies the right size and type of launching girder for every type of concrete or steel span. As is the cast with our custom made elements, our goal is to provide the most efficient and user-friendly design for the job at hand, while ensuring optimum use of material. Whether your requirements are for 5 ton or 200 ton capacity, we will propose an economical and technically sound solution.
launching girders


alpi sea's Launching Gantry System or L.G Overhead and/or Underslung Gantry for precast segmental method of construction can be used for both, balanced cantilever as well as for a infill span by span erection. Depending on the project specification if dry or wet joint erection will be required.

alpi sea's Launching Gantries are made of an optimized engineering, design to a cost effective, reliable, easy to commission and a safe solution for all your segmental bridge design. Every bridge is a different challenge for alpi sea's engineering department with continuous concept design modification are pushing our engineers to the task of creative new revolutionary solutions such as the HINGES to allow our system to take curves as little as 75m. To support the segment during commissioning, hydraulic cylinder systems are used when using the Underslung Launching Gantry, whilst using the Overhead Launching Gantry the segments are suspended by means of a T-bar.

alpi sea's technical support can offer you services ranging from partial design, engineering, delivery to consultancy and supervision for erection or even entire site commissioning.
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launching gantries
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